Wednesday, 20 February 2019


Hola darlings, I hope you all are still in it and haven't given up on your 2019 fitness goals.

Today i'm going to give you guys one of my favourite at home leg/glute and ab routine. Super simple, easy and efficient!

All you'll need is a step stool/bench and water (remember to always stay hydrated throughout your workouts).


  1.                         3 x 20 reps |  Seated squats 
  2.                           3 x 20 reps | Kneeling squats
  3.                   3 x 10 | Donkey kick back
  4. 3 x 10 | Step ups
  5.            3 x 10 | Russian Twist
  6.        3 x 10 Flutter Kicks

The videos below shows examples of each workout in the order above.
Dont mind Titan running around (haha)

Leave a comment below letting me know if you're still on your fitness journey and what are some type of stuff you'd like to see on WORKOUT WEDNESDAYS!!

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Hey darlings and Happy Workout Wednesday

I was so hesitant to post certain pictures of myself. I was worried of what others will say or think but today I woke up and said to myself "you've come a freaking long way and the opinion of others shall be the least of my problem."

I want to give you all the real deal. 

The real me, no gimmicks! 
This is raw and uncut! 

  This right here is my biggest insecurity. 

I have been struggling with  loose skin and stretch marks around my abdomen ever since giving birth to Titan (my second born).  I was ready to throw in the towel and go under the knife but my husband stopped me. He asked me a series of questions, one being "Do you think you've given yourself a fair chance?" I was confused by what he meant but he shortly explained what he meant. In all honesty, I did not give myself a fair chance at all. I gave up on working out so many times and ate horribly. 

Last year I turned 30 and have made a vow to myself that I will work harder to accomplish my goals. 

Im not perfect so already i've had days where i'm I say frig it all but I quickly remind myself that I am no failure, I will give myself a fair chance.

Fitness Goals for 2019

Work on my stomach
Get to my goal weight of 120lbs (remember muscle weighs more than fat)
Gain strength

 Be the healthiest i've ever been

Do you have any fitness goals?Leave a COMMENT below.

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Thursday, 17 January 2019


Hello Darlings

Oh boy, Its been a while uh? Im sorry for disappearing without notice and I promise to not have that happen again. I am back and ready to give you all what you've been waiting for.

What Has The Henry's Been Doing?

Well, few major things happened while I was gone. I had another son, I turned 30 and my first born started JK. 

  • Titan Matthias Zeus is the new sheriff in town. He's 2 years old and the ultimate REBEL
  • Mason turned 4 and headed off to school last September. I was a total wreck his first day or should i say...WEEK of school. I hardly ever cry but on Mason's first day of JK you would have been able to swim in the puddle below me. 
  • was so excited to turn 30! Ive been waiting for my 30th birthday since after my 21st. I thought it would feel different but darling, let me tell you this...IT FEELS THE DAMN SAME. Maybe i've even aged mentally a bit, i've been forgetting everything (I blame it on 30) 
  • ....& like a good bottle of whisky, my husband Owen just keeps getting BETTER WITH AGE! 


I'll be giving you guys "Curl Talk" on Mondays,  where we'll talk about the best natural hair products, styles etc, "Workout Wednesday" where I will show you some at home or gym routines OR simply discuss WORKOUTS (๐Ÿ”Š Kanye workout plan) and many more. Leave a comment below letting me know if there is anything you'd like to see more of on my blog- I do it for you, my darling.


    Are you ready for us? 

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

I love me some....LEG DAY

You want nice legs? then you have to work for them!

Black shorts: Under Armour
Blue shorts: Adidas
Shirt: forever 21 + DIY cut out sides
Shoes: Adidas
Hair: curly bun - NATURAL SISTA

Today I wanted to take y'all into the gym with me.
I've combined two leg days for you since I work my legs 3 times a week; when I said I was getting into the best shape of my life I truly meant it! These exercises were intense! I worked out with my husband Owen, coach Mike (oh boy, he literally pushed me to that yakking point) and a few others. These guys had absolutely no mercy on me. As they say, when you workout at Forge performance fitness you must WORK, no slacking. 

I wanted to give up after every single exercise but the push was real! I worked my butt off and I know it will pay off in the end.

Hip thrust
Leg extensions
Dead lifts
Leg press w/ resistance band
Sled pushes

Come train with us at Forge Performance Fitness

Have questions about todays workout? Leave a comment below and i'll gladly answer:)

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Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

"ME" is made with YOU in mind

Two weekends ago, I had the opportunity to be apart of the JIRANO'S Multi ethnic hair care line photo and informercial shoot. I had a great time with such an amazing group of people.  

 Behind the scene 


The brand JIRANO was created by sisters Jane and Jedi. These two African beauties completely understand the diversity in hair. "ME" [multi ethnic] has been created specifically for natural hair individuals. The products have been made with some top ingredients ; coconut, keratin, honey just to name a few. Their philosophy is to put as many active natural ingredients into the products as possible for beautiful hair right away, everyday.

Check out for this upcoming hair line.
Instagram: @jiranooffical 



Though it's called "ME" each product is made with YOU in mind.

I loved everything about my makeup.

Makeup artist: Archana 
Instagram: @Imsylvie

Hair:  ME
This was a simple wash and go. I'll have my wash and go routine up soon. Keep an eye out for that y'all.



Wednesday, 10 June 2015

1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & GET THEM SIT UPS RIGHT AND...

A little gym never hurt nobody!
Finally I am up and ready to get into the best shape of my life.

GOOTD  (gym outfit of the day)

Sports bra -lululemon
Tights - Adidas
Shoes- Adidas
Hair - high curly ponypuff - I woke up like this Oww!

            YAY BACK DAY!!

Yesterday I woke up, threw my bonnet off, put my gym attire on and ran out the door. NOTHING was holding this shorty back from the gym today.

 BENT OVER ROWS                                          

I've been having ups and downs about going back to the gym but who doesn't get those?Starting the gym after taking a long break is probably one of the hardest things to do. I literally sat and contemplated which Monday would be the best Monday to get back in there. For the record, NO
MONDAY IS THE BEST MONDAY, I think Tuesday is better lol kidding! I had a million excuses on why I didn't need to get back to the gym right now. I made myself believe that my baby fat from having my son 9 months ago would just one day disappear; who the heck did I think I was, a freakin genie? I ate everything, drank everything and expected to just one day wake up in the best shape of
my life.



Thick thighs, flat tummy, amazing back, toned arms and a round behind..YEAP, that's what I want so I am going to work to get it. Watch me or JOIN me throughout my journey. I will continue to share my workouts and GOOTD; because ain't nobody trying to go to work looking scruffy. I promise you will not be disappointed.


Thursday, 4 June 2015


      Ive decided to give y'all a little about me today. 
             This is a random Q&A

Describe yourself in one word?

Where are you from?
TORONTO, CANADA or should i say "THE 6" lol

How old are you currently?
26, 88BABY!!

What is your nationality?
Trinidadian "๐ŸŽตwelcome welcome to land of oil TRINI TO D BONE, TRINI TO D BONE"

Any siblings?
Yes, a younger sister

How tall are you?
5'2 with heels on, does that count? 
I'm 4'11 

What are your Hobbies?
Shopping, Cooking, Shopping, Working out…did I say shopping?

What is your favourite foods?
Hands down POTATOES. I love anything with potatoes

What is your favourite alcoholic drink?
Anything to do with VODKA.
 Did you know vodka is made from potatoes? I told y'all...I'm in love with the TATOES*

What do you hate/dislike about your hair?
NOTHING, I love everything about my hair…SAID NO ONE EVER! I dislike the fact that it has many different textures; I KNOW YOU NATURALS KNOW MY STRUGGLE. I wish it could be consistent all through but I manage it.

Do you have children?
Yes, I have a son

What is your favourite skin & hair product?
Ultimate favourite skin care product is my Clinque 3 step: face wash, toner and lotion.
I honestly can't choose a favourite hair product. I will blog my top 5 favourites soon. Keep an eye out for that!

How do you prefer to wear your hair? Straight or Curly?
CURLY, though I do have my random moments where I do want to flat iron my hair, stand in front of a fan while my hair blows and I sing "diva" by Beyonce out loud lol

What is the sweetest thing someone has done for you?
Buy me chocolate lol just kidding

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